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Tuesday 05 March, 2019

Player statistic

QTY Event Time
Marty Wiggins 2 501 Wins
Andy Coleman 2 501 Wins
Andy Coleman 2 Cricket Wins
Marty Wiggins 2 Cricket Wins
Myron Fryer 1 Cricket Wins
Andy Coleman 2 301 Wins
Christian Mccullough 1 301 Wins
Marty Wiggins 1 301 Wins
Andy Coleman 9 Total Points
Christian Mccullough 4 Total Points
Marty Wiggins 6 Total Points
Myron Fryer 4 Total Points
Marty Wiggins 1 180's
Christian Mccullough 1 171's
Andy Coleman 1 Rd of 9
Time Event QTY
501 Wins 2 Ryan Abbott
501 Wins 2 Rob Swett
Cricket Wins 2 Ryan Abbott
Cricket Wins 2 Brad Dube
301 Wins 2 Ryan Abbott
301 Wins 2 John "John O" Omohundro
301 Wins 2 Brad Dube
Total Points 6 Brad Dube
Total Points 5 Jeff Dodson
Total Points 6 John "John O" Omohundro
Total Points 5 Rob Swett
Total Points 11 Ryan Abbott
171's 1 John "John O" Omohundro
DIV. ADivision
Andy Coleman0.070.070.070/202/011/20.332/012/10.672/01
Marty Wiggins0.040.070.070/202/011/20.332/010/201/20.33
Myron Fryer00.0402/10.670/201/20.331/20.332/10.670/20
DIV. ADivision
Brad Dube0.070.0700/00/202/10.672/010/02/10.67
Jeff Dodson0001/20.330/02/10.670/02/010/0
John "John O" Omohundro0.07002/010/200/00/202/012/10.67
Rob Swett000.071/20.332/012/10.670/01/20.330/20
Ryan Abbott0.070.070.072/012/012/10.672/10.671/20.332/01




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