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Monday 18 March, 2019

Player statistic

QTY Event Time
Mike France 2 501 Wins
Jon Burroughs 2 501 Wins
Dwayne Thomas 2 501 Wins
Mike France 2 Cricket Wins
Jon Burroughs 1 Cricket Wins
Brad Foster 2 301 Wins
Jon Burroughs 1 301 Wins
Mike Reid 1 301 Wins
Brad Foster 8 Total Points
Dwayne Thomas 4 Total Points
Jon Burroughs 8 Total Points
Mike France 10 Total Points
Mike Reid 3 Total Points
Mike France 1 Rd of 9
Time Event QTY
501 Wins 2 Ray Mitchuson
501 Wins 1 Billy Bailey
Cricket Wins 2 Kenny Hamby
Cricket Wins 2 Robert Lacy
Cricket Wins 2 Jimmy Capley
Cricket Wins 1 Billy Bailey
301 Wins 2 Robert Lacy
301 Wins 2 Jimmy Capley
301 Wins 2 Ray Mitchuson
Total Points 3 Billy Bailey
Total Points 7 Jimmy Capley
Total Points 5 Kenny Hamby
Total Points 7 Ray Mitchuson
Total Points 1 Rex Little
Total Points 5 Robert Lacy
DIV. BDivision
Brad Foster0.08002/10.670/202/10.670/202/10.672/01
Dwayne Thomas000.080/02/012/010/200/00/0
Glen Franklin0000/00/00/00/00/00/0
Jon Burroughs0.040.040.082/10.672/10.672/10.671/20.330/201/20.33
Josh Franklin0000/00/00/00/00/00/0
Mike France00.080.082/10.672/012/012/10.672/10.670/20
Mike Reid0.04002/10.670/00/00/00/201/20.33
DIV. ADivision
Billy Bailey00.040.041/20.331/20.330/01/20.330/00/0
Jimmy Capley0.080.0801/20.330/01/20.332/10.671/20.332/01
Kenny Hamby00.0801/20.330/00/202/012/010/20
Robert Lacy0.080.0800/00/200/202/011/20.332/10.67
DIV. BDivision
Bobby Capley0000/00/00/00/00/00/0
Ray Mitchuson0.0800.080/02/011/20.330/02/012/10.67
Rex Little0001/20.330/200/00/00/00/0
Skip Morton0000/00/00/00/00/00/0




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