Monday 12 October, 2020

Player statistic

QTY Event Time
Dwayne Thomas 2 501 Wins
Jon Burroughs 2 501 Wins
Brad Foster 2 501 Wins
Dwayne Thomas 2 Cricket Wins
Brad Foster 2 Cricket Wins
Brad Foster 6 Total Points
Dwayne Thomas 8 Total Points
Jon Burroughs 2 Total Points
Mike France 4 Total Points
Mike Reid 2 Total Points
Dwayne Thomas 1 Rd of 9
Time Event QTY
501 Wins 2 Ashley DeSpain
Cricket Wins 2 Ashley DeSpain
Cricket Wins 2 John "Mongo" Frank
Total Points 8 Ashley DeSpain
Total Points 3 David Teeter
Total Points 7 John "Mongo" Frank
Total Points 2 Kelly Teeter
Total Points 5 Kevin Morris
DIV. BDivision
Brad Foster00.070.070/02/02/12/00/00/0
Dwayne Thomas00.070.070/22/02/12/02/10/0
Jon Burroughs000.070/22/00/00/20/20/0
Mike France0000/20/22/10/22/10/0
Mike Reid0000/20/02/10/00/20/0
DIV. BDivision
Ashley DeSpain00.070.072/02/01/22/01/20/0
Bridgett Morris0000/00/00/00/00/00/0
Charlie Sears0000/00/00/00/00/00/0
David Teeter0002/00/21/20/00/00/0
John "Mongo" Frank00.0702/00/21/22/02/00/0
Kelly Teeter0000/00/00/00/21/20/0
Kevin Morris0002/00/21/20/22/00/0
Tony Shackelford0000/00/00/00/00/00/0